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[A] To register for the event, you will need to complete a few steps:

1. Create your account in this system. To participate in the event, an account must be created by a PLAYER. If a coach wants to register a team with a sports school / club, he can also create an account, but will not be able to register players for events until the player has registered in the system;

2. Pay the player a license fee. Currently, the license fee can only be paid by the player himself;

3. Encourage your game partner to also create your account and pay the license fee, as only teams (not individual players) are registered for the event;

4. Register the command. In order to register a team, you will need to upload a copy of the player's identity document and a copy of the medical permit (or application with a doctor's visa) - so please prepare these documents in advance;

5. If a sports school / club / coach wants to register their teams, he must make sure that the players are already registered in the system. You can check if your players are registered, you can in the "Players / licenses" section of the event page;

6. If the account is created by the coach, he does not have to pay any license fee - just click on the LTF logo and the system will return you to the list of events, where you can choose to register teams;

7. Pay the team registration fee (start fee);

8. If you have any questions, call the above phone number;).
[A] A player's license is a personal player number assigned to each player, which gives the right to participate in the events of the Lithuanian Volleyball Federation. After purchasing a license, the player is registered in the official player register of the Lithuanian Volleyball Federation.
A player's license is valid for one year from the time the account is created, without payment of the license fee, the player will not be able to register for the event.
[A] Only persons with a player's license can participate in LTF events. Therefore, anyone wishing to participate in the events must first create a player account and obtain a player license.
Unlicensed people will not be able to register for the event.
[A] Adult age group hall volleyball annual license value - EUR 15.
Adult age group beach and snow volleyball annual license amount - EUR 10.
The size of the volleyball annual annual license for children and youth EUR 10.
Children and young people beach volleyball annual license amount - EUR 10.
[A] A partner can be registered for the event if they have created their account in the system and acquired a player number - a license. Also, it is necessary to note that a copy of the identity document and doctor's certificate (or paper application with a doctor's visa) is required when registering for the U-age group championships.
[A] The player's license is acquired by creating your account in the Lithuanian volleyball beach volleyball events system. This can be done by selecting the option to register at the top right of the page, selecting "Account", selecting "Register" or registering for one of the events.
[A] You can only register for the events by creating your personal account in the system and paying the license fee.
Check that you've actually made a payment - a successful payment notification should automatically get you to the email address you provided during registration. mail.